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Baby Boomers And Young Adults Staying More Active  . . . 

and So Do NYC Pain MD Doc’s Helping Their Wear-And-Tear Sports Injuries 


Major Advances in Non-Surgical Medical Treatment Are Keeping Baby Boomers, Gen X’rs, Gen Z’rs, And Athletic Young Adults Moving, Feeling Better Into their 60s. 70s and 80s... even 90s 

Active In Sports, Exercise Or Working Out Can Be Great For Your General Health… But Injuries Can Spell Disaster For Your Joints And Muscle 

. . . No Longer Are Toxic Pain Killers Or Invasive Surgeries With Extensive Risk And Downtime Your Only Option 

No Doubt:  Getting older hurts — and when it comes to exercise and sports-related injuries we at NYC Pain MD are seeing increasing numbers of not only baby boomers with blown-out knees, sore backs, stiff shoulders, and other complaints but those in their 20 30s and 4o’sOften, many were once highly active in High School or College but find 10 years later, 20 years later, wear and tear and “Father Time” and “Mother Nature” have started to catch up leaving new issues ranging from mild simple strains to deeper damage and impairments of daily lifeThey now find themselves facing the need for medical interventions and therapies or choose to slow or stop their activities and sportsThis is clearly not an acceptable scenario for most. 

How do sports injuries occur? 

The highest numbers of sports-related injuries came from bicycling, basketball, baseball, and running, according to the consumer report. The most common injuries come from overuse and affect knees, ankles, lower back, and shoulders. 

The old adage 'no pain, no gain' generally no longer applies as it did when you were younger. While this is a matter of being educated in how to exercise appropriately and what signs to look out for when exercising, like muscle soreness and joint pain, the doctors at NYC Pain MD find that most seem to ignore this “law” of aging resulting in more frequent  injury and often set off chronic pain syndromes or kick-start arthritic damage, progressive ankle, knee, back, shoulder and hip issues 

Aging can’t be avoided, but injuries can be. Doctors say that doesn’t mean all avid joggers must hang up their running shoes, or lifelong basketball players must necessarily forgo the neighborhood court — it’s all about exercising smarter. 

What are the most common sports injuries?

  • Sprains and strains. 
  • Knee injuries. 
  • Swollen muscles. 
  • Achilles tendon injuries. 
  • Pain along the shin bone. 
  • Rotator cuff injuries. 
  • Fractures (broken bones) 
  • Dislocations. 
  • Pinched  

What to do when injuries and pain don’t stop or heal up? 

If rest, ice,  physical therapy, and a reasonable safe protocol of analgesics do not offer up relief, it may be time for expert evaluation. 

Here at NYC Pain MD, our physicians focus on all forms of office-based, high-tech precision non-surgical treatments for a multitude of orthopedic injuries:  knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, and backs amongst others. 

The goal is always; 

  • Reduce Pain 
  • Improve Mobility 
  • Return To Normal Activities  
  • Promote Long Term Healing  

Generation OUCH!!! Pay Attention...  

Unfortunately, there is no warranty on your body parts… And the notion that replacing a joint or any other invasive surgery is simple, well, it is not.  Your knee, shoulder, or hips, for example, are not like “LEGO” toys that snap together.  Surgery has risks:  infection, bleeding issues, blood clots, anesthesia reactions … poor surgical outcomes.  Overall much more complex than most realize. 

Non-surgical technique and regenerative medicine to the rescue? 

At NYC Pain MD we offer an extensive array of approaches to reach the sports injured patient an array of options.  

Which one is for you?  Professional assessment with our doctors to determine your needs is a must. Here’s what may 

be necessary: 

  • Bone Marrow Based Stem Cells                                   
  • Fat-Based Stems Cells (Lipogems) 
  • Placental Based Stem Cells 
  • Exosome Cells 
  • A2M Protein procedures 
  • Platelet Rich Plasma 
  • Ozone Therapy 
  • Nerve Blocks 
  • Advanced Anti Inflammatory injections 
  • Radio Frequency Blocks 
  • Stem Cell Sandwiches 

Here’s great news on how to find out if you are a candidate for NYC Pain MD injury programs: 

NYC Pain MD offers a no-cost assessment to determine what treatment is best for you.  A doctor will review your case, evaluate the injured area, and handle all your concerns.   

Simply Call 877.245.9272 and ask the scheduling coordinator to set up a Sports Injury Assessment visit.