About NYC Pain MD

Pain Management Specialist, Arthritis & Regenerative Medicine located in Financial District, New York and Astoria, NY


At NYC Pain MD, the experienced pain management specialists provide high-quality care to adults in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens and the Financial District neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. 

NYC Pain MD is a full-service integrative pain management practice. The providers take a conservative and patient-centered treatment approach, using nonsurgical and minimally invasive therapies to provide lasting pain relief. 

People from all over New York City visit NYC Pain MD to receive treatment for various musculoskeletal problems, including knee, shoulder, and hip pain; sports injuries; and arthritis.

Both offices are conveniently located and feature cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment technology, including digital X-rays and regenerative medicine, like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

The orthopedic specialists and support staff never rush appointments and make time to understand each patient’s symptoms and treatment goals. They use nonsurgical and alternative therapies to reduce pain, encourage mobility, and help patients feel their best.

NYC Pain MD monitors each patient’s progress through routine checkups and follow-up exams. They make adjustments as needed at each visit, ensuring positive and lasting results.  

Call the nearest NYC Pain MD office today to schedule a new patient appointment or book your visit online.