Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip Pain services offered in Financial District, New York and Astoria, NY

Are You One Of The Thousands Hoping to Avoid Surgery . . .  Relieve Hip Pain Naturally? 

Expert Doctors At NYC Pain MD Now Offer An Array of Non-Surgical Alternative Techniques To Get You 

Moving Better-Feeling Better-Living Better…. And The Possibility Of Avoiding Surgery 

Stressed out by the thought of invasive procedures or even looking down the barrel of a joint replacement?  You‘re not alone.

What causes hip pain? 

Hip pain can be confusing for both patients and providers. When it comes to conditions of the hip, osteoarthritis is more common in older individuals but shows up more and more in younger individuals who are often more active and athletic or have heavier job duties. However, many causes of hip pain may be difficult to diagnose and treat.  

Hip damage often results in pain in weight bearing, groin pain, frontal thigh pain, clicking or grinding in the hip, stiffness in the hip resulting in tightness or difficulty dressing, standing, crossing the legs, climbing stairs, or walking even short distances.

Here’s welcome news:  NYC Pain MD offers patients a variety of comprehensive approaches to hip joint pain and arthritis that yield the greatest results possible without the risks of hip replacement surgeries. We have treated a vast array of patients from high-level athletes to average middle-aged and even elderly patients who needlessly suffered through decades of chronic hip joint pain. 

Know you someone who is suffering from a degenerative hip condition, or chronic hip pain OR if there is any difficulty standing up or walking stairs you may be a candidate and benefit from our programs.  To learn more…. read on. 

How is hip pain treated?  

Our clinics get numerous calls daily which often go like this; “I know your docs treat so many arthritic knees and shoulders, but does it work for the hip… that’s where I have pain and arthritis and I do not want surgery. Can you help?”   

In many cases, the answer is “Yes” but with the  understanding every case is different from the next    But here’s how: 

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine 

Regenerative medicine is a conservative treatment option and might not be the final answer for all patients with degenerative hip injuries. However, many are successful long term and help our patients improve their quality of life, avoid the pain, downtime, disability, and most importantly risk that is associated with a major surgery like total hip replacement surgery. patients are encouraged to start a hip osteoarthritis diet with regular hip rehabilitation to help re-strengthen the hip joints back to proper function.  

Hip stem cell treatments offer a viable alternative to and are very safe to try even for severe cases. Stem cell therapies using cells from your own body can also be repeated only if necessary after 6-12 months to achieve optimal results for people with active lifestyles. For patients with severe hip damage, stem cell treatment alone might not be sufficient and require additional interventions.  Stem cells may be accessed from your own bone marrow or body fat but in some cases, may come from derived Placental Cells. Again - each case requires specific methods. 

Platelet Rich Plasma: Often used in conjunction with stem cells (they act like “fertilizer” before “seeding”) can be very helpful in the regenerative process and is accessed from our own blood then concentrating the platelets up to 8-10 x normal for good results 

A2M: developed by an injured doctor himself, A2M used a special protocol to isolate anti-inflammatory proteins to bind inflammatory chemicals that eat away at your own cartilage tissue and promote inflammation and arthritis. 


Image-Guided Viscosupplementation 

As is often done to arthritic knees and shoulders, NYC Pain MD offers this treatment for mildly to modestly arthritic hips.  Damaged hips often occur due to a “drying out’ process .  But, utilizing precisely placing natural lubricating “gel” back into the hip over several weeks . . . the rubbing, grinding, and inflammation that this causes can often be reduced offering improved mobility, decreased inflammation and lessened pain.   Theoretically, this could slow the degenerative process and lengthen the life of the previously unhealthy hip joint. 


Advanced Anti-Inflammatory Infiltration 

New and advanced anti-inflammatory injectables (pharmaceuticals) are now available most notably “Zilretta” which is formatted in “microbubbles’ and offers more extensive longer lasting pain relief compared to old-fashioned steroids. 

Soft Wave Tissue Regeneration Therapy 

Medical Scientists, Engineers, and Pain specialists have come up with an uber-advanced application using intensive, painless, and noninvasive acoustic sound waves that offer not only deep relief of inflammation and pain but also stimulate the release of your own ‘resident’ stem cells.  Within a short course of 10 – 15 minute procedures, Soft Wave Technology, often called ShockWave because of the buzzing sound it makes, can offer dramatic results in many cases.  Most say they get 20-50% relief …. After just one single treatment.   Of course, each case differs so results do vary from case to case. 

What To Do Now About Your Hip Pain? 

Science and medicine move fast… really fast. New treatments are discovered and improved upon constantly, and the best doctors offer these new advancements to their patients. 

That’s why our doctors get such great results treating conditions like hip and arthritis pain 

We offer the most advanced treatment for pain relief WITHOUT the dangers of prescribing addictive, sometimes toxic opioids like oxycodone.  

NYC Pain MD will always work to bring our patients the most up-to-date technology to ensure we get you the best results!  

Want more great news? Some treatments are covered by most insurance companies and even traditional Medicare.