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Here’s What Most People Don’t’ Know About Osteoarthritis  

AND Why So Many Metro Area Joint Pain Sufferers Head To NYC Pain MD  

For REAL Pain Relief  

Without Surgery, Toxic Drugs Or Months of Rehabilitation 


What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis or OA is a joint disease that mostly affects the cartilage.  Cartilage is the tissue that covers the ends on bones in a joint. Almost any joint or area in the your body can be affected by progressive and debilitating Osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis differs from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritic, Gout amongst others.   

Here is what happens in OA;  When healthy, cartilage allows bones to glide smoothly over one another and acts as a shock absorber.  Your “normal” knee also contains a small amount of fluid called synovial fluid. This synovial fluid is a thick, gel-like solution that cushions and lubricates the joint–much like oil lubricates the engine of your car. 

In osteoarthritis, the synovial fluid that normally protects the joint loses its lubricating properties and “dries up" allowing the cartilage to break down and wear away. This is like running your car with little or no oil. As you attempt to use your knee(s), there is not enough lubrication causing the bones to grind together resulting in pain, swelling, stiffness and the joint continues to wear out. This is a vicious cycle and can lead to bone-on-bone rubbing and excruciating pain. Pain pills do NOT lubricate the joint or fix the problem. They simply mask the pain so you do not feel the pain as your joints continue to deteriorate. The eventual repercussions of this are obvious INCLUDING ending up in joint replacement surgery or addiction to pain medications and the associated impacts on your daily life. 



How is Osteoarthritis treated?

NYC Pain MD has helped countless joint pain suffers… with in-office safe and effective high-tech procedures.  


ALL procedures always use sophisticated guided imaging offering we call P.A.T (Precision Arthritis Targeting) which allows 100% precise targeting of the damaged areas, the most comfortable procedure available and avoidance of any additional damage to the delicate inner lining of the joints being treated. 

(Fluoroscopic C-Are Used For Ultra Precise Targeted Procedures  or PAT) 

Here is our “Mantra”:  Feel BetterMove BetterAvoid Surgery 

Step One:  Starts with case history and evaluation.  Most patients love our No-Cost No-Obligation Assessment visit to explore your issues and get professional direction 

Step Two:  Explore all the Non-Surgical medical options with our medical staff. NYC Pain MD offers a No-Cost No-Obligation assessment visit to determine your need 

Here’s  What Is Available At NYC Pain MD: 

Regenerative Procedures: 

  • Bone Marrow Based Stem Cells 
  • Fat-Based Stem Cells 
  • Placental Stem Cells 
  • Purified high concentration Platelet Rich Plasma 
  • Stem Cell Sandwich’s  
  • Exosome Therapy 
  • Ozone Treatment  

Intra-Articular (directly into joint) viscosupplementation gel procedures: 

  • High molecular weight 
  • Low molecular weight 
  • Avian based 
  • Fermentation bases 

 Anti-Inflammatory Procedures: 

  • Zileretta microsphere injectables 
  • Kenalog, Methylprednisone injectables 

 Radiofrequency Nerve/Pain Blocks 

  • Applies precision-guided RF waves to shut down painful nerve transmission to the hip 

 SoftWave Tissue Regenerative Therapy Procedures 

  • The latest in pain-blocking and healing therapies 
  • Uses high speed concentrated and controlled diffuse medical sound waves to remove deep inflammation and trigger interior stem cell production and growth factors for long-term healing 

(Soft Wave Tissue Regenerative Therapy:  SoftWave does NOT use injectables but is the  newest in uber-advanced medically-engineered  technology using safe, painless concentrated acoustic waves that go deeper than any form of therapy not only easing pain but stimulating resident stem cell production within an hour of treatment application) 

Want to know more or find out if you're a candidate for treatment? 

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