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Why Are You & Your Insurance Company Still Paying HUGE Bills?

While complex surgeries, certain procedures and patient’s with high-risk medical conditions certainly require all the additional services and personnel necessary to have safe procedures, when in comes to many procedures for managing and treating joint and spine treatment, many can be done on an "in-office” basis when the right equipment is available.

There is NO REASON to have full surgical-center fees or hospital facility fees for basic (but highly precise) joint pain and spine pain procedures.

This is why NYC Pain MD has invested in the best equipment for the best possible results housed right in their own “in-office” procedure suites. NYC Pain MD does all their procedures using the best technology offering P.A.T. or Precision Arthritis and Pain Targeting Technology right on premises to get you the most accurate treatment for the best results and minimal discomfort.

No scary hospital, no complicated Surgi-Center facilities. Less stress and WAY less costly. Want to find out more or see if you are a candidate?

Call 877-380-8520 to set up a No-cost No-obligation Assessment visit.

The doctors will take a detailed case history, evaluate the area of pain and take an up-to-date x-ray if necessary. Just ask the scheduling specialist to schedule the “No-Cost Pain Screening” and they’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Again, here’s that number: 877-380-8520

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