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What if Viscosupplementation Fails?

What Should You Do If Viscosupplementation Fails?

Knee Nerve Blocks or “Radiofrequency Neurotomy.” RF for short, is a procedure that is based on the theory that blocking the nerve supply to the painful area may alleviate pain and restore function. Several branches of nerves that surround the knee are known as “Genicular nerves.” Radiofrequency waves are then delivered to the Genicular nerves under advanced imaging to “block” the transmission of pain.

Two steps steps are performed. First, a test, diagnostic “G Block” procedure is done to determine if the procedure is going to decrease pain and improve function. If this first “test” procedure is successful, Genicular Neurotomy Radio Frequency is performed for long term relief.

Is It Safe?

Research has shown this procedure to be safe and effective. One study published November 4, 2010 in the journal Pain found that RF treated subjects on average “achieved at least 50% knee pain relief at 1, 4 and 12 weeks, respectively. No patient reported a post-procedure adverse event during the follow-up period. RF neurotomy to the Genicular nerves leads to significant pain reduction and functional improvement in a subset of elderly chronic knee OA pain, and thus may be an effective treatment in such cases.”

Who Should Try This Treatment?

RF should be considered after other treatments, such as anti-inflammatory pain medication, physical rehab. or viscosupplementation do not offer good enough results. RF may be utilized before resorting to total knee replacement. RF may allow many patients to avoid knee replacement surgery.

If Viscosupplementation has failed for you, and you'd like to learn more about RF treatment, call us today and request your FREE no-obligation screening with one of our expert physicians: 877-245-9252

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