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What Do Surgeons Hope to Achieve with RFA?

We're back with our next installment about Radiofrequency Ablation, also known as RFA.

So, what do surgeons actually hope to achieve with this treatment? One of the most

common sources of pain is found in the joint facets. As these joints degenerate overtime, they can develop into osteoarthritis.

The goal of RFA is to destroy the small nerves that carry the pain signal from the joint to the spinal cord. The goal is to reduce your pain, allow you to do more activity, and enable you to reduce pain medications.

RFA is usually only done after your doctor gives an injection that should temporarily alleviate the pain. Once your doctor can confirm the facets are the source of the pain, the RFA treatment can be scheduled. RFA is not permanent, but lasts significantly longer than a joint nerve block.

Want to know more? Or find out if this treatment is for you? Call us today and schedule a FREE no-obligation screening with one of our expert physicians. 877-380-8520

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