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What About All Those Joint Pain Vitamins & Supplements Advertised on TV?

If you ever watch any television, cable or otherwise, you can’t miss a bevy of ads pitching promotions for their vitamin and mineral formulas for pain in every area of your body… NO MATTER WHAT OR HOW MUCH YOU ARE HURTING!

Hmmm… Our physicians highly doubt their claims. Here’ why – and this is really important.

When you first take any food or vitamin into the mouth, there are enzymes (natural chemicals that break down foods etc.) in your saliva that begin to break down whatever you're eating. Then, it goes into the stomach via the esophagus tube where a huge dose of enzymes and gastric acids breaks it down further. From there, it is moved to your small intestine where the broken down food chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream for delivery THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY.

So, here’s the question: How would those broken down food elements vitamins, supplements, etc. know to go to your bad shoulder, hip, knee, or back?

Also, would that tiny amount of broken down chemicals have the ability to affect that environment like the lining of the joint, the cartilage, tendons, or ligaments in any effective or measured manner?

Here’s your answer:

Based on all scientific thought, we struggle to see how it could have any “meaningful” effect on any of these tissues or injuries.

These issues need to be addressed by intensive procedures to protect the joint and / or stimulate growth factors and the bodies own “repair people’ to attack the real damage.

Want to find out more about more available procedures available at NYC Pain MD? Call 877-380-8520 and set up a NO-Cost Assessment at one of our facilities.

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