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Surgery, Steroids, & Drugs NOT Always Required

Surgery, knee replacements, steroids, and prescription drugs are NOT always REQUIRED to find relief from your knee, hip, shoulder, or other arthritis related pain.

There are FDA APPROVED solutions available to greatly reduce your chronic knee and arthritis pain without surgery, and without steroids.

These proven non-surgical medical procedures can help you:

  • Exercise and manage weight with less or no joint pain

  • Enjoy everyday activities or walks with family and friends with less or no knee pain, hip or arthritis pain

  • Drive with less or no knee or other arthritis pain

  • Gain back their mobility… even golf, tennis, sports

  • Play with grandchildren with less pain in your joints

  • Walk up and down stairs with less or no pain

  • Reduce the stress and worry of troublesome knee pain or other osteoarthritis symptoms!

Call the NYC Pain MD Scheduling Department to arrange your No-cost Screening Evaluation: 877-245-9252

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