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Stem Cell Medical Revolution

The NYC Pain MD medical team is well-known for introducing the most cutting edge medical approaches to handle joint and back pain.

Now, in addition to their advanced Platelet Rich Plasma and Fat Derived Stem Cell program, also known as BMAC, they have added a Bone Marrow Derived Concentrated Stem Cell Therapy.

Using the marrow found in rich reserves in the hip area, our expert physicians gently probe to access the stem cell rich areas. After accessing the bone marrow, the cells are spun down in a medical centrifuge at special speeds to concentrate the stem cells and precisely treat your joint, tendon or muscle damage.

Stem cells have been considered in several medical fields to repair defective tissues and organs including bone, ligament and the heart. However, our doc’s focus on joint and orthopedic pain only. Knees. Shoulder, Hips, Ankles , Backs, & Necks. Over the next few weeks, we'll be providing more information on this break through therapy through our social media posts and website.

If you are in pain and would like to find out in Stem Cell Treatment can help you, call for a NO COST NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT: 877-245-9252

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