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So, What Is A2M?

This specialized “gamma globulin” protein can neutralize the destructive enzymes created in an arthritic joint that cause the destruction of the cartilage and subsequent pain and loss of function and mobility. By inactivating these enzymes, A2M effectively can slow and may halt the progressive damage seen and felt in the osteoarthritic joint.

A2M has unique properties, which include a powerful inhibition of cartilage inflammatory proteases effectively neutralizing the process that leads to osteoarthritic cartilage degradation and joint destruction.

Here's how A2M can be used: Ultra precise injections of A2M should diminish joint cartilage degeneration, and may be appropriate on a case by case basis to attempt to slow or halt progressive decay and save the joint from complete destruction and thus major surgery.

Want to find out if the NYC Pain MD’s medical staff can help you with A2M?

Call our patient information department and set up a No-Cost consultation to discuss A2M and other options for your pain. 877-380-8520

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