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Scientific Study Provides Further Proof that Supports Using Precision Technology in Treatments

At NYC Pain MD, we've always known that it only makes sense to use the best technology available that provides the most accurate procedures to get the best results. We have strived to provide (and spare no expense) the best technology at an attempt at getting the best results for patients.

Oddly, over time, there seems to remain some who question the need for highly precise delivery of interventional arthritis pain treatment. Many studies have pointed to and agreed with our conclusions, but some continue to perform blind procedures and treatment programs that may result in less effective outcomes.

A new study performed using viscosupplementation procedures with and without guided imaging revealed that patients who were treated WITH the guided imaging to ensure proper PRECISION needed 33% LESS surgery. This is sometimes called the “knee replacement avoidance survival rate” which, again, was dramatically better when patients were treated with high-tech imaging.

In conclusion, if you’ve tried treatment WITHOUT Precision Arthritis Targeting Technology and your results were less than you would have likes or had none at all, it's highly possible that your outcomes would have been improved with proper technology and imaging guidance.

Want to find out more? Give us a call! We even offer No Cost No Obligation Screening Appointments to determine if our expert doctors can help.

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