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Safety Reminder: The Risks of OTC Overuse

The pain caused by Osteoarthritis can leave many feeling desperate for relief and often reaching for their favorite over-the-counter pain reliever. However, if you suddenly start to notice an increase in headaches, or the need to take these medications on a regular basis, you could be experiencing a negative cycle caused by the overuse of these medicines. If you feel like this may be happening to you, please be sure to speak with an expert to get a formal diagnosis and understanding of this condition.

The physician’s at NYC Pain MD have developed programs of care, without the use of medications, to address OA in knees, hips, shoulder, necks and back ranging from mild to severe. Programs are aimed at improving your quality of life, and avoiding or prolonging the need for meds or surgery.

If you're ready to find long-term relief so you can get off these potentially dangerous medicines, contact us to schedule a free no-obligation screening with one of our experts to determine if you're a candidate for one of these treatment programs.

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