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Runners Conquer Aching Knees with Latest Medical Treatments

If you suffer with painful knee arthritis, science may have finally found the answer you’ve been looking for.

Arthritis is caused by loss of normal cushioning fluids and a “drying out’ of the joint. Researchers have discovered an all-natural gel-like treatment that is like “joint oil.” This safe, all-natural gel is much like the naturally occurring lubricating substances within a healthy knee joint.

When doctors inject this lubricating gel into your knee joint using an ultra-precise imaging technique we call Precision Arthritis Targeting – it's like putting oil on a rusty door hinge exactly where you need it for the best results. It lubricates the joint, binds and neutralizes inflammatory chemicals in your arthritic joint, and can decrease pain and stiffness. For some, these virtually painless 10 - minute treatments, results can be dramatic and last for months, even years. In many cases, knee replacement or other surgery can be avoided.

Please note! This is NOT a supplement you can buy over the counter or on the internet. This is an FDA approved medical treatment that must be given by a highly trained doctor. It even has enough research to be covered by most insurances – even Medicare.

To get your “Conquer Knee Pain” evaluation, just call 877-245-9252. The scheduling coordinator will find the best time for you to get your evaluation. (Due to high call volume, please leave a voicemail if lines are busy)

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