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Revealing Research on Stem Cell Treatments!

A special technique used by the NYC Pain MD physicians is seeing a lot of activity at the Ortho departments at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago who’ve been using the technique for about 5 years.

The head of the Rush Cartilage Restoration Center at the medical center stated: “The technology is ideal for patients with certain orthopedic conditions, such as painful joints - including knee, ankle, and shoulder - with limited range of motion. Additionally, it can be used in soft tissue defects located in tendons, ligaments, and/or muscles, to improve the biologic involvement."

The doctor continues: “It offers benefits for people who are unable to get surgery or would like an alternative to surgery.”

If surgery is out of reach for you, or if you'd like to avoid surgery all together, we encourage you to set up a free screening with our experts to determine which non-surgical treatments could help you find lasting relief!

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