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Pt. 2 of Patient FAQs About Gel Injections

Part 2 in our series addressing a few common concerns for patients about knee or hip gel injection treatment.

Are knee gel injections painful?

Though you may feel some discomfort, the procedure is rarely painful if your doctor has experience administering this type of injection. At NYC Pain MD, our doctors use a special approach to keep discomfort to a minimum:

  1. Pre procedure “freeze” or numbing spray.

  2. Pre procedure mini – injection of medical numbing agents usually lidocaine.

  3. 100% use of guided digital imaging to avoid having the needs prod sensitive inner knee structures.

  4. Use of contrast medias to confirm uber-precise injection needle placement.

  5. In some cases, the treating doctor may remove a small amount of joint fluid to reduce pressure prior to injection of the medical lubricant.

*Most patients stated the discomfort level is a 1 of 10 with 10 being most discomfort and 1 the least.

Any Questions? Please call the office and schedule for your No Cost, No Obligation Joint Pain Assessment: 877-380-8520

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