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PRP Therapy Explained

If you’ve ever cut yourself, you know that within a short period of time the area heals, is “sealed", and a scar forms over the area. This healing is caused by a rush of platelets that are within your blood to the damaged area and the healing process kicks in. At NYC Pain MD, we can encourage this same process through a treatment called PRP Therapy. Keep reading to find out how we can precisely treat your joint pain using your own blood!

Step 1: We have to get your platelets. A small draw of your blood is taken and placed in a high speed centrifuge which separates the platelets from your red and white blood cells.

Step 2: The Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into the damaged area. We use sophisticated instruments like fluoroscopic imaging or Ultrasound for a precision technique.

Step 3: The platelets go to work on the damaged areas. The platelets bring in natural growth and healing factors to speed up the healing process, help you feel better, and get you moving!

Want to find out if PRP can help you?

Call us at 877-245-9252 for a no cost, no obligation screening with one of our physicians and get expert advice.

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