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Promising PRP Procedures Transforming Arthritis Pain Treatment

If you’re suffering from stubborn pain in your knees, shoulders, hips, or spine, have tried standard treatments without relief, and don’t want to end up in surgery, please read on:

PRP, or what’s known as “Platelet Rich Plasma” comes from a process in which a few tablespoons of the patient's own blood is prepared, and the healing portion known as “platelets” are super concentrated by up to 20 times normal levels.

Under guided digital Fluoroscopic Imaging for arthritis or ultrasound for tendons and muscles, our trained doctors can precisely introduce the platelets into the damaged areas. The goal is to take advantage of platelets' natural growth factors and stimulate the healing process. Some patients only need one treatment, while others may need a few in a series of treatments.

Contact us today to scheduled your FREE no-obligation screening to determine if you're a candidate!

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