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Placental Stem Cells - Are they Safe?

While in the past we have been discouraged by “non autologous” stem cells –that is: stem cells that are NOT derived from your own cells either fat-derived or bone-marrow derived, a newer technique for isolating cells from a newborn's placental remains.

They are NOT taken from an aborted fetus.

The cells are prepared and then transported via a freezing technique. The benefit is thought to be that these “stem” cells come from the healthy newborns and thus have dramatic growth and healing potential due to their “YOUTH”.

The idea is that when these cells are applied to a joint, tendon, ligaments or meniscus to promote healing and possible new cell growth over time. We are presently going to apply these to a few specialized cases where appropriate. This is a case-by-case situation. However, certain cases may attain significant and positive outcomes using these techniques.

Call and schedule your Individualized, no cost evaluation to find out more. Just call 877-380-8520 for more information.

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