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Pain Pills: OTC or Prescribed. Should You Be Concerned with Side Effects?

If you’re suffering with arthritis pain- knees, shoulders, hips, ankles you understand how the pain can wreak havoc on your life. Oftentimes, basic everyday activities become so challenging you may not even want to leave the house.

It’s natural to want relief as fast as possible. Many people reach for a bottle of pain pills like Advil, Motrin, Aleve, or Tylenol. Some may even have prescription pain medicine they frequently turn to for relief. But keep in mind that pain is similar to that light that comes on in your car to warn you that something is wrong with the engine. If you just cut the wire from the engine to the light, the warning sign may go off, but without repairs you'll eventually destroy the engine.

The underlying issue with arthritis is that the inner cells of the joint are no longer producing enough cushioning lubricant called Synovial fluid or “joint oil”. As it diminishes, the knee, hip or shoulder becomes dried out and is followed by rubbing, grinding, joint decay, and A LOT of pain.

Unfortunately, pain pills do NOT address this issue but only temporarily block or reduce the pain. It also does not take too long for toxic side effects to the liver, kidney, stomach and other bodily functions to kick in from these medications. A steady diet of pain pills is bound to cause a host of other issues over time.

The good news is, doctors and scientists keep marching forward with new and exciting techniques and treatments to address and manage the underlying cause of arthritis pain and degeneration of the joints.

Each case is completely different from the next . But you can find out if there is help for you, friend or family member. Take advantage of the NYC Pain MD free screening program. An expert doctor will review your case, examine, and make recommendations where appropriate.

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