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New Anti-Inflammatory Treatment Showing Promise

The newest name in the arsenal of weapons used to fight joint pain that has not responded to standard procedures: ZILRETTA

Just what is Zilretta?

Zilretta is a longer lasting anti-pain, anti- inflammation medicine that is best applied via virtually painless injection using advanced imaging techniques for ultra-precision. It is a substantial advance over “Cortisone” as the relief has been seen to last 3 months or longer with little side effects.

How does it do this? Zilretta is made In what might be called “microbubbles” or “microspheres'' in which the Zilretta medicine is embedded. These ‘bubbles” release the pain relieving anti inflammatory effect in a slow, steady, time-release manner. It can take several days to kick in but lasts considerably longer, and in many cases, with much better relief.

It is often used as part of a program for “re – lubrication” of a joint allowing pain relief until the gel lubricants kick in.

Can it help you?

Find out more and schedule for a No Cost No Obligation screening evaluation. Call one of our scheduling specialists for more information at 877-245-9252

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