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Looking Down the Barrel of Joint Replacement?

Find Out About Minimally-Invasive Advanced Medical Treatments & Avoid Surgery, Toxic Pills, or other Medicines!

Many non-surgical, minimally invasive office-based procedures are plentiful, and they are getting patients feeling better and moving better. Much better.

IMPORTANT: Damaged and arthritic joints such as knee, shoulder, hip, even ankle, have highly narrowed or tight joint spaces. You need to be sure to have joint pain procedures done under advanced Precision Arthritis Targeting Technology for ultra-precise accuracy of placement of any joint pain medicine.

At NYC Pain MD, we spare no expense in providing the most advanced medical technology to get you the best results. From FDA approved joint pain relieving lubricants, ultra purified Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), adipose based stem cells, or even an advanced nerve block, you’ll need the best technology available.

NYC Pain MD doctors focus on the latest array of non-surgical joint pain and arthritis treatments to get you MOVING BETTER, and FEELING BETTER, WITHOUT SURGERY!

Call us today at 877-245-9252 to secure and reserve your spot for a No – Cost screening procedure and find out what we can do to help.

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