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Information About Arthroscopic Surgery

In our last installment of "Facts & Things to Consider", we want you to consider some information about arthroscopic surgery.

Arthroscopic Surgery for Tear Of Knee Meniscus:

  • Locking or clicking may not be from the meniscal tear and just from the underlying arthritis

  • Tear may not be the cause of pain which is usually arthritis

  • Research reveals no positive effect in the medium and long term surgical repair related to more arthritis, not less.

  • Almost 20% of population above 40 years old WITHOUT KNEE PAIN have torn meniscus

  • Removal of meniscus may be even more risky than repair of a tear

Please keep all of the above in mind before submitting to this treatment. Here‘s what should be considered first; Viscosupplementation (gel injections), PRP, Fat or Bone-Marrow based stem cells, home exercise, Genicular Nerve Block, Radiofrequency Pain Block and many others.

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