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Improving Mobility, First Step Towards Decreasing Pain

Many experts are not stressing the idea that the first step toward pain reduction or total elimination of pain might be found in programs aimed at improving mobility, function, and range of motion.

Dr. Byram, an expert on the matter, says he frames therapy around three main goals, and a pain level of zero is not number one. First is to increase function. “That’s more important than decreasing pain,” he notes. Decreasing pain is the second goal. And third is to minimize treatment-related toxicity (i.e. drugs/medications).

This is congruent and agrees with the approach at NYC Pain MD. In the vast majority of cases, arthritic joints are drying out which cause grinding of the joint, then inflammation followed by pain. Simply attempting to “cover” or “mask” the pain with potentially harmful and toxic meds is not a medium or long term solution. Carefully and precisely targeting the joint with FDA lubricating medicines should get that joint moving like “oil on a rusty gate”.

Followed up with easy to apply stretching and strengthening creates a great formula for getting that function back!

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