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New York City and surrounding areas are amongst the most expensive places to live, and that includes health care, hospitals, and doctors fees. We've even heard that some New York City clinics charge over $15,000 for a stem cell procedure. That’s FIFTEEN THOUSAND!

One of our mottos at NYC Pain MD is that great care and healing, and then getting relief from your pain should not only be accessible to the RICH AND FAMOUS. The “non-rich” and “less than famous”, New Yorkers just like most of us, deserve affordable opportunities for the best medical care too!

At NYC Pain MD we heavily “squeezed the juice” out of our suppliers and place them in a “vice-like” grip to provide all the medical supplies necessary to perform the best in Fat Based Stem cell preparations, so we can offer the best cost factors involved for those that need these procedures.

Here’s some more good news; NYC Pain MD physicians offer No Cost Screening Appointments to see if you are a candidate for this type of treatment. There is no stress and no obligation.

Call 877-245-9252 to set up your appointment today!

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