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Fight the Impact of OA

NYC Pain MD can help fight off the impact of Osteoarthritis in your shoulder, hips, and knees.

In normal health joints, cartilage (a Teflon-Like thick and smooth coating at the end of each bone) AND synovial fluid (a thick gel and oil-like liquid) work together to provide cushioning and lubrication your joints and bones need to glide over one another properly.

They protect the bones from compression due to impact, absorb physical shock form movement, and reduce friction like motor oil in your car.

With Osteoarthritis, as we age, the level of Hyaluronic Acid (the main cushioning substance within synovial fluid) begins to break down causing a thinning of this cushioning substance. This begins to eat away at the cartilage coating which causes the space between the bones to narrow. The friction may cause grinding and rubbing, resulting in pain, inflammation, swelling, and loss of motion.

Our goal with treating OA (Osteoarthritis) is to restore the level of lubricant to a more natural level (like adding oil to a motor vehicle’s engine) to reduce friction, increase the ability to absorb impact and thus reduce pain, improve mobility, and ideally slow the progression of the joint degeneration to help avoid joint replacement surgery.

Want relief from pain caused by Osteoarthritis? Call for a No-Cost Screening Appointment today! 877-245-9252

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