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Experts. Training. Results.

At NYC Pain MD, we believe the reason we get calls from hundreds of relief seeking patients every week is our overall level of:

Expertise. Training. Results.

The doctors and staff at NYC Pain MD offer the best levels of technology and cutting edge treatments to help you feel better, move better and have the best chance at avoiding surgery.

AND the vast majority of patients do achieve these goals! How do they do it? They invest in the best equipment and staff training to make sure your treatments are comprehensive, “Uber-Precise”, and virtually painless.

Many clinics only offer simple or one type of treatment. NYC Pain MD offers a multitude of procedures ranging from a wide variety of FDA approved arthritis gel medicines, advanced concentrated “REAL” platelet rich plasma treatment, super advanced adipose (fat based) derivative stem cell treatment using your own REAL cells not from a formulated test tube, and high tech radio frequency pain blocking treatments.

Want relief of your shoulder, hip, knee, or back pain? Call for a No-Cost Screening Appointment today! 877-245-9252

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