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Digital Imaging Technology

Digital Imaging is a very advanced medical technology that allows the doctor to see directly into the joint and actually watch the injection go where it is supposed to in real time.

Research shows that performing these virtually painless injections without digital imaging can result in missing the joint space as much as 30% of the time. If you had viscosupplementation treatments (Hyalgan, Synvisc, Orhtovisc, Euflexxa or Supartz) without advanced imagining and did not get good results - this may be why. Make no mistake about it. Precision and accuracy are the keys to this advanced knee pain treatment working.

Giving other injections, like steroids, are much different. They do not have to be as precise due to their ultra-tiny molecules. Viscosupplementation with Hyalgan, Synvisc, Supartz, Orthovisc must be 100% accurate. They must be injected directly into the joint space. If not, the patient can feel discomfort and the effectiveness of the treatment is severely compromised.

NYC Pain MD is a state of the art medical facility offering only the best technology. Call us today to see if you're a candidate for one of our treatments!

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