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Chronic Pain & Inflammation

When left untreated, healthy tissue starts to break down over time by releasing free radicals and increasing oxidation in your knees. It attacks the cartilage in the knee joint, breaking it down until eventually the joint is bone on bone.


This starts a vicious cycle where the body's own natural response is destroying tissue. We often call chronic inflammation an autoimmune problem because the body is actually attacking itself.

Common NSAIDS and other over the counter pain medications are great at reducing pain and swelling, but they don't break the cycle of your body attacking its own tissue.

That's where the doctors at NYC Pain MD come in! We offer FREE, no-obligation screenings with our physicians to determine the best treatment plan that will get you off the meds and feeling better, longer!

Call us today at 877-245-9252 and schedule your no-cost screening!

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