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Chiropractic Care

No doubt about it. Neck and Back pain is widespread and disabling.

While some patients require our interventional pain procedures such as nerve blocks, epidurals, and sacroiliac procedures, the fact remains that prior to ending up in our facility, it often makes good sense to be evaluated and get under the care of a Chiropractic Physician.

The Chiropractic Physician is expert at detecting areas of misalignment, posture abnormalities, muscular imbalance, deep trigger points (abnormal, tender muscle areas), the effect of herniated discs, and other causes of so much pain. Their expertise lies in the ability to correct and treat these issues frequently offering dramatic relief both short and long term.

For this reason, we suggest to many of our patients to take this route prior to ending up needing our services.

Of course, at times, a combination of both forms of treatment may work wonders in relieving your pain and offering improved mobility.

In conclusion: For those suffering, consider a visit to a Chiropractic Doctor for guidance.

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