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Benefits of PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy provides many benefits that can make the treatment very effective.

PRP does the following:

  • Bring high doses of growth factors that promote healing

  • Bring special healing cells called Monocytes jump start progress

  • Stimulates blood flow bring more oxygen

  • Reduces unhealthy scar tissue and helps positive tissue remodeling

  • Increase “peptides” which increase pain relieving receptor sites.

  • Potentiate or “kick-start” a cascade of positive healing

  • Changes the biochemistry of the joint to relieve pain

  • Slows damage and progression of cartilage reducing more arthritis

  • Helps reduce or neutralize damaging enzymes called “proteases”. Proteases cause inflammation, pain and damage.

Want to learn more? Call us at 877-380-8520 to schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation assessment and find out if you are a candidate!

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