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Arthritis Can Exist Before X-Ray Evidence

New research published in the British Medical Journal found that MOST middle age and elderly people have knee arthritis even if it is not seen on x-ray, and even if they do not have pain.

In the study, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed on 710 people aged above 50 who had no evidence of knee arthritis on x-ray. Results showed 89% had some sign of degenerative joint disease more commonly called “arthritis.”

Why is this so important if you're experiencing knee pain? There is a treatment available called viscosupplementation that can help relieve knee pain caused by arthritis. The treatment works best when performed in the earlier stages of arthritis.

If you've been experiencing knee pain and are over the age of 50, don't wait to get an expert's opinion. Maximize the benefits of this treatment by call for a FREE no-obligation screening TODAY! Just call 877-380-8520, and we'll schedule you for the next available appointment.

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