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Amniotic Stem Cell Injections: What You Need to Know

More frequently patients are curious in regard to a heavily marketed treatment for osteoarthritis and Orthopedic conditions.

The Amniotic tissue treatments they are referring to are a “Cryo-Preserved” or frozen compote of biological tissue that is derived from the amniotic sac tissue. However, once the after-birth tissues are collected and derived from the placental tissue, it is then “cryopreserved”.

During this process NO LIVING STEM CELL SURVIVE.

Thus, these biological compotes cannot possibly contain stem cell.

True, they do retain some biological healing and growth factors at that point. Some of which are not available in a PRP or platelet rich plasma treatment. However, whether these contain some dramatic medical advantage or are some sort of magic, miracle medical cure is highly in doubt.

Presently, until the research becomes much advanced, the doctors at NYC Pain MD have decided NOT to offer these types of amniotic tissue products. We will keep you posted if this decision changes.

That said, we have had good success with REAL and ACCEPTED biological and regenerative procedures including blood derived Platelet Rich Plasma procedures (derived from your OWN blood), fat and bone marrow derived true stem cell

treatments (from you OWN fat or bone marrow).

Contact us to find out more. Just call 877-245-9252

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