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A2M Reduces Inflammatory Substances That Collect in the Joint

The degenerative process of osteoarthritis involves a process of increased activity and production of destructive and inflammatory proteases. The increased levels of these highly destructive proteases progressively damage the joint cartilage.

How and why this destructive process is triggered remains unknown. The collection of these proteases, which include what are called cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases, are intensely destructive.

Over time if protease activity remains unchecked, there will be loss of the protective joint cartilage, and the development of significant pain with decreased mobility.

A2M has unique properties, which include a powerful inhibition of cartilage inflammatory proteases effectively neutralizing the process that leads to osteoarthritic cartilage degradation and joint destruction.

Want to learn more about how A2M can help? Call our patient info department and set up a No-Cost consult to discuss A2M and other options for your pain.


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