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You Can't Fool Mother Nature

Hyaluronic acid is one of the two natural lubricating agents in synovial fluid (the gel-like lubricant in the body that allows bones to glide smoothly and acts as a shock absorber).

Scientists are now able to extract the hyaluronic acid in two natural fashions. One is famously from rooster combs (yes…that red thing on the top a roosters here which is loaded with natural hyaluronic acid). It's purified to create the breakthrough arthritis treatment.

The second is form of “fermented” hyaluronic acid that comes from a natural production and made by major pharma companies. However, its not like a pharmaceutical with any side effects.

When these formulas are precisely introduced directly into your knee joint (usually over a series of 3 to 5 treatments), they instantly lubricate the joint, reduce friction and allow greater motion with less pain or no pain at all!

Want to find out if you’re a candidate? Call us any time at 877-245-9252.

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