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Why Is Arthritis Pain Almost An Epidemic, and How Do We Get It?

Ever think about why such a high percentage of the population suffers with arthritis pain?

Every joint in the body is surrounded by an airtight capsule. It surrounds your knees, hips, shoulders, fingers, and other joints. Within the capsule lining, are cells that produce a very special thick, oily substance called “Synovial Fluid”. This fluid has multiple functions including letting the joint move smoothly, cushioning the joint from weight bearing pressure, absorbing everyday inflammatory chemicals within the joint that comes from regular use, AND protecting the cartilage linings of each joint.

As we age, the “lubricant producing cells” begin to die off or become underproductive. This leads to a lower volume of the protective Synovial Fluid within the joint. In other words, the joint begins to dry out.

Eventually, joint motion and compressive forces begin to eat away at the cartilage causing damage, decay and roughening of the cartilage and joint surfaces. This wears down the joint's protective surface and the joint space can begin to narrow.

Left alone without intervening may lead to the dreaded BONE-TO-BONE.

Wear and tear just seem to come along with aging and that’s why so many are afflicted with this ailment.

However, there is some GOOD news!

Scientists and doctors have figured out how to precisely, safely, and effectively replace or supplement the diminished level of natural joint lubricant (Synovial Fluid). It essentially replaces what nature is no longer doing on your behalf. The official name for replacing or supplementing this “joint oil” is called Viscosupplementation.

You can find out if you're a candidate for this procedure FOR FREE!

Simply contact us and schedule a No Cost No Obligation screening to have an expert, experienced doctor evaluate and answer all your questions. We’re here to help at any time!

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