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What's on the menu? Stem Cell Sandwich?

While it might sound like the tasty lunch staple, a "stem cell sandwich" is a bit different and reserved for the most serious and difficult cases.

Often called “Orthobiological” treatments, Stem Cells from body fat and platelets from your own blood used in proper sequence and applied to damaged areas of the body may have a powerful healing and pain reducing effect.

Here's how it works:

After one of our physicians determines that you're a proper candidate, a dose of platelets from your blood will be introduced to the damaged area. Platelets, when concentrated, are like a shot of espresso to your body’s tissue growth factors. They serve as something like “fertilizer” for the next step of the sandwich. Then Fat -Based Stem Cells or MSC’s are taken from belly fat and placed in the damaged area to help promote tissue growth. Finally, platelets are added again to give the area another "espresso shot".

Interested in finding out if a “Stem Cell Sandwich" can help you? Give us a call at

877-245-9252 and set up a free consultation to speak with one of our physicians!

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