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Surgery Is Avoidable in Some Cases!

Research published in the British Medical Journal found that for people over 50 (even without any pain) up to 88% have knee arthritis. If you are over the age of 50 and have knee pain, according to that same study, there is a 97% chance you already have knee arthritis.

Many knee arthritis sufferers take anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Some try exercise or natural remedies, but for most, nothing seems to work. The arthritis gets worse until activities as simple as walking or climbing stairs become too painful. That’s when they are faced with a HUGE potentially life altering decision to get knee replacement surgery.

Thankfully, advances in medical technology have come up with another potential option! This option is called viscosupplementation and a study published in the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy had some good news. The results from one orthopedic surgeon show that 82% of patients with Stage IV (known as bone-to-bone arthritis) and treated with image-guided viscosupplementation opted NOT to have total knee replacements. The results of this study were echoed by the NYC Pain MD doctors.

If you're having knee arthritis pain and need some guidance or even just a second opinion, the doctor's at NYC Pain MD offer a No-Cost No-Obligation screening appointment to review and evaluate your condition.

Just call 877-245-9252 and let the scheduling coordinators know you would like to schedule for the special "knee arthritis pain screening program" and they'll find the most convenient appointment available!

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