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Shoulder Pain? You're Not Alone!

If you’re an active individual and have noted progressive aching and immobility in the shoulders over time, You Are NOT alone!

We get shoulder pain sufferers calling by the dozens every week. Most ask “Can those gel treatment you do for knees help my shoulders?”

Here’s your answer: There are many reasons why shoulder keep hurting, and there are many proper treatments depending on your particular issues. If the shoulder joint is getting arthritic, then targeted, image – guided gel treatment may work like a charm. If acute or chronic tendonitis is the culprit, than a few PRP or platelet rich plasma procedures may help kick start reduced inflammation and load the shoulders with powerful healing and growth factors. For advanced damage, an all-out stem cell treatment (fat based) may be the best solution.

At NYC Pain MD, our goal is to:

Reduce pain - Improve Mobility - Stay Active -Avoid Surgery

Every case is different and that’s we make our doc’s a available for No-Cost , No-Obligation Evaluations to determine what direction shoulder pain sufferers should take and what options are available.

Give us a call at: 877-245-9252. We’ll schedule you for the next available opening!

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