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Procedure Precision: Can Poor Technique Cause Treatment to Fail for Arthritis Patients?

That's a big, YES!!!

For arthritis patients, we really must emphasize the incredible important of procedure precision!

Here are the facts:

Once your arthritis advances to the point where you are getting inflammation and pain, this is almost always an indication that the cartilage has begun to grind down causing the joint space to narrow.

This makes applying any injection technique much more difficult because there is a minimal amount of space available, which can easily result in completely MISSING the intended and damaged joint. If the medicine misses the joint, the treatment would be rendered totally ineffective.

More bad news: If the treatment fails you may be more likely to end up in surgery, which is what we're trying to avoid in the first place!

This is why NYC Pain MD continues to maintain the best level of technology for the best results.

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